Saturday, August 15, 2009

More of day Two

Good thing Luther let us borrow his small trailer.
Our truck would never had made it up the hills pulling
our 24" trailer!

Yes I did put my new bike in the back of the truck!!
Relax, It's just a bike...
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Second 24 Hours of Laguna trip

West coast was oil rigs and Windmills. East Coast,
Nuclear reactors??

Misspelled? Nuff said ;)

Adam took some awesome pics!

More random scenery

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Random Laguna Trip Pics

This is what atlanta looks like from the passenger seat at 1:30 AM

Saving Private Ryan. Great movie!! one of about thirty we watched on the dash tube to keep us awake.

Crossing the Mississippi River at 6:00 AM

Crop duster flying low over the highway. We saw a few of these
along the way.
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