Friday, November 6, 2009

The 'Picasso of Sport Bikes' Continues to 'Stay Fast'

Nick Anglada, Custom Sport Bike Designer of Nick Anglada Originals, Signs an Agreement with Stay Fast Clothing Co. to Incorporate Street Bikes with Street Style

(Daytona Beach, FL) – Nick Anglada of Nick Anglada Originals, is pleased to announce his new sponsorship agreement with Stay Fast Clothing Company. Stay Fast Clothing Co. is a new, unique apparel and accessories line designed to cater to motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. The brand and its background encompass street culture at its best and provide an edgy way to express yourself. Many of the company’s employees, including co-founder Kevin Cutlip, have extensive backgrounds as riders, artists, and the experience that goes into each one.

Nick Anglada is known globally for his unique take on the customization of sport bikes and all of the effort that goes into creating these works of art. His bikes have been on the covers of countless magazines and featured on Speed Channel numerous times. Nick has also built sport bikes for celebrities such as Jason Britton, Travis Barker and Ken Griffey Jr. It is no surprise that these two companies would collaborate in an effort to promote their similar goals: to ride, perform, and create a culture to ‘stay fast’.

With these two companies coming together to operate in the industry of fast bikes, fast clothing, and fast lives, it is inevitable that their working relationship will help both of their unique industries to grow.

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